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Communities Act Now (CAN) is an action platform for equitable development in Cincinnati. It is made up of four of the most urgently needed policy initiatives in this area.

Each initiative is designed to address what we already know from multiple studies and assessments, and each is anchored in best practices learned from other cities across the country. With the success of these efforts, Cincinnati will take its first critical steps on the path to equitable development. 

The platform’s initiatives are driven by community groups made up of concerned residents and advocates for justice. These initiatives are spearheaded by community-based organizations including:

  • Cincinnati Action for Housing Now

  • Cincinnati Educational Justice Coalition

  • Cincinnati Federation of Teachers

  • Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless

  • Peaslee Neighborhood Center


Many more organizations, grassroots groups, and individuals support and work within these efforts.


We are organizing and working together for equitable development, compelled by the following shared beliefs:

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A decent, safe, and secure home is a basic human right. It is our shared responsibility to make sure that this basic resource is attainable for all citizens; it is not enough to leave it in the hands of a profit-driven market.

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People deserve real opportunities to shape the future of their communities in collaboration with their neighbors, especially amongst neighbors who have been historically shut out of economic prosperity and/or positions of power.

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Gentrification is inherently unjust; development can and should be done in a way that invests in people, in place, over profit.

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We CAN achieve better and more equitable development without sacrificing other essential public goods and services. With better policies, we CAN secure enough public resources to robustly fund housing, job creation, education, social services, recreation, and safety for our citizens.

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The privatization of public resources is unacceptable. Public land and big public incentives for development belong to the taxpayers and exist for the public good; they must benefit us collectively, and not simply bring gain to our wealthiest community members.

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There is deep value in the social and cultural histories of communities, especially those on the margins of power. Worthwhile solutions must be driven by the wisdom and expertise of those who have long struggled against oppression.

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Legitimate claims to place and community are earned in various ways beyond ownership of private property. The basic dignity of human existence, connection to land, strength of social ties, participation in public life, richness of cultural tradition, moral integrity—these factors must be considered in our recognition of authority over the spaces in which we live.

If you, too, share these beliefs, then the work is ours to do together.


Please join us in building political momentum to realize our vision for Cincinnati and beyond!

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Contact Us

If you have questions regarding one of the initiatives, you can find direct contact info on that initiative's page.

If your question is more generally about Communities Act Now, use this form to contact us!

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