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This page offers just a small sampling of the research supporting this work. We encourage you to browse, learn, and follow your interests deeper into the many more resources out there!


These reports and assessments document existing inequalities in our city, regarding development, and the staggering need for affordable housing in Cincinnati.

state of black cincy.png

The State of Black Cincinnati 2015: Two Cities

By Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio

Report outlining major inequalities across neighborhoods, based on systemic racism in Cincinnati

impediments to fair housing.png

Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in Hamilton County

By Housing Opportunities Made Equal

Analysis of barriers to fair housing, with recommendations for change

fair housing assessment.png

Fair Housing Assessment for Cincinnati and Hamilton County

By Community Building Institute

Assessment of housing in Hamilton County, with recommendations

going home.png

Going Home: The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cincinnati

By Housing Opportunities Made Equal

Overview of the history underpinning Cincinnati’s deep segregation across race and class

housing affordability hamilton.png

Housing Affordability in Hamilton County

By LISC; Community Building Institute

Study of lack of affordable housing in Cincinnati, and explanation of burden of housing costs

all-in cincinnati.png

All-In Cincinnati: Equity is the Path to Inclusive Prosperity

By PolicyLink; PERE at USC

Analysis of Cincinnati’s inequalities across a wide range of measure, and agenda for equity

affordable housing study.png

Affordable Housing Study 2015: Responding to the Critical Need

By Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition; AHA

Report showing lack of affordable housing as primary cause of homelessness

Comparable Cities

These resources examine policy recommendations for development in cities that are economically comparable to Cincinnati, illuminating that the relevancy of these solutions is not limited to wealthier, coastal cities.

equitable development pittsburgh.png

Equitable Development: The Path to an All-In Pittsburgh

By PolicyLink; Neighborhood Allies; Urban Innovation

Analysis and policy recommendations for the city of Pittsburgh

detroit inclusionary housing.png

Detroit Inclusionary Housing Plan and Market Study

By HR&A Advisors, Inc.; Capital Impact Partners; Grounded Solutions Network

Assessment and action plan for the city of Detroit

what about housing.png

What About Housing?: A Policy Toolkit for Inclusive Growth

By Grounded Solutions Network

Policy resources tailored to the needs of different cities, based on economic development status

Research supporting our local trust fund initiative

Affordable Housing

Trust Funds

opening doors.png

Opening Doors to

Homes for All

By Housing Trust Fund Project

Report on the status of housing trust funds nationwide

model approaches.png

Model Approaches to Providing Homes for ELI Households

By Community Change

Analysis of how trust funds have effectively provided housing affordable at the lowest income levels

2019 advocates guide.png

2019 Advocates’ Guide:

A Primer

By National Low Income Housing Coalition

Comprehensive guide to affordable housing programs and ways to advocate for and expand them

Research supporting our local trust fund initiative

Inclusionary Housing

Research supporting inclusionary housing policies and community benefits agreements-- two solutions at play within the Equitable Development Rubric framework

inclusionary housing.png

Inclusionary Housing

By Grounded Solutions Network

Website dedicated to inclusionary housing policies, including national map and development calculator

equitable development scorecard.png

Equitable Development Principles and Scorecard

By Twin Cities, MN Community Leaders

Introduction to another community evaluative tool for development projects that focuses on equity

policy link toolkit inclusionary.png

Equitable Development Toolikit: Inclusionary Zoning

By PolicyLink

Explanation of how development incentives can be used to create affordable housing

community benefits agreements.png

Community Benefits Agreements: Making Development Projects Accountable

By Good Jobs First; California Partnership for Working Families

Handbook for CBAs-- agreements between developers and community coalitions on project-based public benefits

Anti-Displacement Efforts

Research supporting Good Cause Eviction legislation


Displacement of Lower-Income Families in Urban Area Reports

By U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Report on the rise of gentrification and the challenges of community and urban development

eviction lab.png

Eviction Lab

By Eviction Lab at Princeton University

Nationwide database of evictions, with interactive map and information regarding this housing crisis

pushed out.png

Pushed Out: The Hidden Costs of Gentrification

By Institute for Children and Poverty

Analysis of the effects of gentrification, including increased homelessness

gentrification response.png

Gentrification Response: A Survey of Strategies

By NYU Furman Center

Overview of approaches to protect against displacement amid rising housing cost

Tax Incentives and Public Schools/Services

Research supporting our initiative for support of public schools/services via tax reform

protecting public education.png

Protecting Public Education

By National Education Association

Report assessing the negative impact of massive tax subsidies for development on public schools in  the United States

educators look to end.png

Educators Look to End the Big Corporate Tax Giveaway

By National Education Association

Article examining school funding loss due to tax breaks in Louisiana, and its repercussions

key reforms.png

Key Reforms: Protecting Schools from Tax Giveaways

By Good Jobs First

Breakdown of TIF districts and tax abatements, and the negative public impacts of their wide usage

columbus property tax.png

Columbus Property Tax Abatements: Transparency and Accountability

By Policy Matters Ohio

A look at the challenges posed to democracy by tax abatement use in Columbus

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