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Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Hamilton County is short more than 40,000 affordable homes-- 28,000 within Cincinnati alone. More and more people are living without a home than ever before. Shelters are bursting at the seams. It has become commonplace for families with children to live in cars and outdoors. Black households are living under the constant threat of being displaced from their homes. Hundreds of people have died because of homelessness, yet we continue to pump public money into the development of luxury housing.

Cincinnati needs HOUSING NOW for everyone! This requires a major public investment that is long overdue. Cincinnati’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund was created, after many years of advocacy, for the purpose of developing and preserving housing affordable to households with low incomes in the city of Cincinnati. This vital, public fund sits almost empty; it requires dedicated and significant local revenue sources in order to fulfill its purpose.

This campaign, Cincinnati Action for Housing Now, aims to get millions of public dollars dedicated annually into this local Trust Fund. All funds will be spent to provide homes for households with annual incomes less than $29,890, and at least half of all the funds will provide homes for households who earn $14,700 or less annually. This is the next big step to build and preserve hundreds of affordable homes every year so we can begin to ensure all residents are stably housed.

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A major community organizing effort successfully gathered over 9,500 signatures during the pandemic to get this issue onto the ballot for a vote on May 4, 2021. In the crucial days before the vote, the campaign is actively welcoming new volunteers to mobilize and inform voters to support the proposed charter amendment.


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Learn more about the charter amendment and ballot initiative here.

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There are several ways to support a successful vote on May 4th. Fill out this form to sign up to pitch in!​



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This community campaign is working hard to make sure that Cincinnatians vote YES on Issue 3 to secure the investment in affordable housing that our communities and families deserve. Here's how you can help build a Cincinnati where everyone has a safe place to call home!

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