Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Hamilton County is short more than 40,000 affordable homes-- 28,000 within Cincinnati alone. More and more people are living without a home than ever before. Shelters are bursting at the seams. It has become commonplace for families with children to live in cars and outdoors. Black households are living under the constant threat of being displaced from their homes. Hundreds of people have died because of homelessness, yet we continue to pump public money into the development of luxury housing.

Cincinnati needs HOUSING NOW for everyone! This requires a major public investment that is long overdue. Cincinnati’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund was created, after many years of advocacy, for the purpose of developing and preserving housing affordable to households with low incomes in the city of Cincinnati. This vital, public fund sits almost empty; it requires dedicated and significant local revenue sources in order to fulfill its purpose.

This campaign, Cincinnati Action for Housing Now, aims to get millions of public dollars dedicated annually into this local Trust Fund. All funds will be spent to provide homes for households with annual incomes less than $29,890, and at least half of all the funds will provide homes for households who earn $14,700 or less annually. This is the next big step to build and preserve hundreds of affordable homes every year so we can begin to ensure all residents are stably housed.

A major community organizing effort is underway to get this issue onto the May 2021 ballot for a vote. This will require thousands of signatures, and support from the entire community. The campaign is actively on-boarding new team members to mobilize for this community-driven initiative.


Learn more about the Trust Fund ordinance and ballot initiative here.

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Join the Storytelling Team!

  • Develop an outreach timeline that identifies who will be approached and when

  • Write a cover letter that describes why we are contacting them and how their participation will connect them and their clients to a community movement

  • Write an instructional guide that illustrates a sample of what topics the storyteller might want to share

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for community service partners who will be initiating the ask from their clients to acquire their stories

  • Collect the video files from storytellers through email and forward along to the campaign organizer on the first and third Monday of each month


Join the Public Relations Team!

  • Create consistent content for Facebook, Instagram, Outvote, Streetvibes, CityBeat, and other print media and send to the campaign organizer through email weekly on Monday

  • Write press releases to heighten media coverage at strategically identified petition drives and coordinate with the Field Implementation Team and the campaign organizer

  • Boost community engagement on social media through using tags and hashtags

  • Coordinate with the campaign organizer to use stories from the Storytellers to create inspiring content

  • Take photos for use on traditional and social media

This campaign is seeking activists and organizers to join the effort in the following areas. Linked in each section below is brief registration form that will connect you to the Campaign Team that is the best fit for your skills, your personality, and your strengths.

Join the Endorsement Team!

  • Create and maintain an outreach spreadsheet that lists the entity, the point of contact, the dates and method of each outreach attempt, and the nature of the relationship

  • Write a cover letter that describes and defines the levels of endorsement (recorded or written statement, donation, participation, community engagement, any combination), including what the endorsing entity will receive from their contribution

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for entities who want to endorse the campaign

  • Collect the logos and bios from the endorsing entity and send to the campaign organizer on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month

  • Ensure each endorser receives a thank you note with the tax ID number of Cincinnati Action for Housing Now, if applicable

Join the Field Implementation Team!

  • Schedule and coordinate no-contact signature collections with churches, community centers, libraries, and other community spaces

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to witness the signatures

  • Coordinate drop off and pick up of supplies including: petitions, pens, cleaning materials, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer

  • Coordinate publicity with the Public Relations Team to ensure a strong turnout

  • Send thank you notes to all participating volunteers and spaces

  • Other possible activities include phone canvassing, verifying validity of signatures, field canvassing or conducting lit drops, and/or coordinating with tenant groups to host voter registration and no-contact signature collection drives

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