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Equitable Development Rubric

Our City currently gives out massive public incentives and subsidies to developers for private projects. Because community benefits are not specifically arranged for in these deals, the gains have largely been reserved for the wealthy, while impacted communities lose affordable housing, public assets, and our neighbors who cannot afford to stay in their homes amidst the rising costs of gentrification.

The Equitable Development Rubric is an evaluation tool and policy framework made to ensure that public development incentives and subsidies-- which belong to the taxpayers-- are granted only to projects that help advance equity, especially across class and race, in our city. 

The framework establishes measurable standards in areas like housing affordability, jobs and labor, and community engagement; projects are scored on their deliverables in these areas. As a policy, it will require high scores of projects in order for them to receive tax abatements, public land, and/or significant zoning changes. It will also require the city to monitor compliance and enforce the terms of project agreements.

The Rubric was created by Peaslee Neighborhood Center, and has been shaped by public input from residents and community-based organizations with relevant expertise.


This initiative has focused first on local residents and grassroots efforts, specifically equipping community councils with tools needed to evaluate projects and negotiate with developers. Advocates are also gathering endorsements for the framework across a wide array of community organizations, and continuing to build the well-researched case for its use as city policy. 



Go to Peaslee Neighborhood Center's website to dig deeper into the rubric and all it has to offer!

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Get Involved

Any organization can endorse the Rubric! Introduce the endorsement form to a business, nonprofit, place of worship, club/group, etc. that you’re connected to.

Get your community council to use it! There are Rubric tools to support your community council so you are organized and ready to meaningfully negotiate with developers who come seeking approval for their projects.

Join our steering committee meetings at Peaslee Neighborhood Center (215 E 14th Street) at 6:00 pm, on the 1st Thursday of every month!

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